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Turquoise Silver Necklace • Rhodium Silver

Turquoise Silver Necklace • Rhodium Silver

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Turquoise Silver Necklace

Dive into the world of tranquility with our crystal turquoise Necklace, a mesmerizing piece of minimalist spiritual jewelry.

With roots dating back to ancient civilizations, this crystal holds the essence of serenity, wisdom, and protection, making it a timeless piece for the modern soul.

Gemstone Properties: Soothes anxiety, promotes emotional balance, enhances creativity, and fosters inner peace.

Chakras: Throat, Heart, and Third Eye


• Material: 925 Sterling Silver

• Finish: Rhodium Plated

• Length: 16”-18” chain & lobster clasp closure

• Featuring: 9.5mm faceted turquoise stones & rhodium plated bead accent

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