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Gray Moonstone Necklace • Gold Plated

Gray Moonstone Necklace • Gold Plated

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Gray Moonstone Necklace

Unlock the ethereal beauty of our Gray Moonstone Crystal, a minimalist necklace that captivates with its iridescent hues and mystical allure. This handcrafted piece features a genuine gray moonstone pendant suspended elegantly from a delicate gold chain, creating a dainty celestial necklace.

Gray Moonstone, renowned for its association with intuition and emotional balance, holds a rich history steeped in ancient beliefs and folklore. Believed to harness the energy of the moon, this crystal has been revered for centuries for its calming properties and its ability to enhance psychic abilities, making it a cherished talisman for spiritual seekers and healers alike.

Gemstone Properties: Calming, Intuition, Emotional Balance, Psychic Abilities, New Beginnings

Chakras: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra


• Material: 925 Sterling Silver

• Finish: 14k Gold-Plated

• Length: 30” chain with lobster clasp closure

• Featuring: Pencil cut moonstone

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