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Evil Eye Necklace • Gold Plated

Evil Eye Necklace • Gold Plated

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Evil Eye Necklace

This dainty gold evil eye necklace is small but mystical. Consider this minimalist diamond evil eye necklace your lucky talisman.

The evil eye is a cross-cultural symbol renowned for its ability to deflect negative energies and shield against envy. This delicate evil eye pendant has symbolically been known to keep the bad vibes away, and our CZ diamond evil eye is bound to uplift your spirit!

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our gold evil eye necklace is also associated with promoting serenity, clarity, and inner peace. It's a quiet, yet profound accessory that offers a deeper layer of significance to any jewelry collection.


• Material: 925 Sterling Silver

• Finish: 14k Gold-Plated

• Length: 16”-18” chain & lobster clasp closure

• Featuring: Evil Eye Charm

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